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 Thermostate 120C' temperature switch self-recovery
Thermostate 120C' temperature switch self-recovery
SKU : TS120B-K38
Stock : 375pcs
Price:PKR 20.00
Thermostate switch 120 degree overheat protection silver contact self-recovery

Self-recovering thermal fuse switch, the quality is very good, even the contacts are silver-plated, the conductivity is better, the current is larger,
Inventory appliances, there is no information, but these kind of thermostates are generally used in high-voltage AC motors, so we estimate that its voltage should be more than 230 V, see its contact area is quite large, its maximum current should be 10 A or more. (The above parameters are only personal estimates and are not necessarily accurate)
The whole batch of temperature control works exquisitely, and the packaging is also very particular. Especially, the two metal blocks that make contacts are expected to be of pure silver.
Weight: 1 gram
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